All your questions answered

  • What are the course objectives?

    The courses have varied objectives. The courses help you take the next step in your career, refresh your fundamentals, or learn the skill of social media marketing or digital marketing.

  • Will I continue to have access to the course even after I complete it?

    Yes. You will continue to have access to the course after you complete it, provided LDBS continues to list the said course. So, if you wish to review specific content in the course after you finished it, or may revise or review it again.

  • I bought the course on sale or a gift. Does this affect the accessibility to the course?

    No. Your access to a course is not affected by the price you paid for it.

  • Can my courses ever be removed from LDBS ?

    On rare occasions, LDBS may be required to remove a course from the platform due to policy or legal reasons. If this does happen to a course you're enrolled in, please connect on and we'll be ready to help.

  • Can I enrol for multiple courses at one time?

    Yes. You can certainly enroll for more than one course at one go. All the course planning is done by experts so are equipped in accordance with human psychology and compliment learning.

  • I am having problems with my LDBS account ?

    If you need to change your account settings, like your name, email address, or password, you can use your Settings page.

  • I can not login to my account. What should i do?

    Make sure you're using the right email address. Try resetting your password

  • My email address isn’t working. What should i do?

    If the message says "We couldn't find an account associated with that email address" when you try to login or change your password, the cause could be:
You used a different email address when you loggedin LDBS account. Try using the one which used to create the account.